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AS Canvas was founded in 2019 to offer unique collection of wall paintings for home decor. All our paintings are unique in design and we reserve copyrights for each art work. Our vision is to create unique home decor masterpiece wall paintings and make every home carry a signature of their own. We only engage in-house designers and use cutting edge technology for a long lasting and high quality printing. We are open to exploring new design ideas of your choice to create a unique masterpiece and make your ideas come to reality. Whether you are thinking of a big or small canvas, we have the experience to deliver a masterpiece wall painting for lifetime.


Watercolor Flower

Inspired by nature, vibrant colors for a soothing ambience.

Mediterranean Evening

Capturing legacy through color blocks, for a retro look.

Moonlight Night

Inspired by nature, the best of both worlds; with a scenic night view.
Art / Music

Black Treble

Monochrome pallet, setting up fun & melody.

Blossom Pink Lotus

Bright color pallet, inspired by nature.